Kigurumi – Top Cosplay Costume

What is Kigurumi? The word ‘kigurumi’ comes from two Japanese Words which literally translates as ‘costumed animal character’. Traditionally, it referred specifically to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. Now, looking at the pictures as follow, it's clear that kigurumi pajamas will transforms you into an adorable animal. We found that it was actually pretty hard to find a good store nearby to be able to purchase Kigurumi or cute animal costumes in your nearby street. Here, would glad to provide the cheap kigurumi pajamas with free delivery.
Over the years, cosplay has changed forms from the superhero clad fan boys and fan girls of comic book conventions to a specialized form of dress-up known as Kigurumi.  This latest costume craze is a little more than just picking out a character and dressing up.  The practitioner of kigurumi wears a full-body costume and a mask.  The word kigurumi means, literally, “to wear a stuffed animal,” though animals are not the only thing people dress up as.  
Those who prefer anime kigurumi as their favorite anime characters.  This involves a bodysuit; usually flesh toned or at least colored like the flesh of what that character  would have, and a mask.  The masks tend to be plastic and made in the cartoonish likeness of whichever character is the subject of the costume.
The animal enthusiasts wear full costumes that resemble animals, both real and unreal.  There is also another, “lighter” brand of kigurumi in which people wear specially styled and themed pajamas, which are one-piece outfits that usually have hoods attached.  These pjs are usually animals as well, though the available pajama costumes cover many famous cartoon characters,  such as those from Disney movies.
This hobby is becoming more popular than many would think.  The pajama craze has actually spread to most corners of the planet.  Many of those who participate in this form of cosplay are performers as well, dressing up to work at conventions or other venues.  Kigurumi even has websites and organizations devoted to it, and many specialty stores devoted to it.
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